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The New York City blog removal lawyers at Daniel Szalkiewicz & Associates, P.C. are here to help.  As New York City defamation attorneys, we understand the importance of hiring a caring and compassionate lawyer who is dedicated to achieving the results that you want and deserve.  At our firm, every case is handled by a team of skilled attorneys devoted to representing your interests.  Our attorneys have a stellar record of courtroom success and work tirelessly to serve as strong advocates for our clients.  


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We pride ourselves on being 100% accessible to our clients' needs.  If you are unable to meet us, we will meet you.  Additionally, our clients have our personal cell phone numbers so they may contact us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

For the members of Daniel Szalkiewicz & Associates, P.C., being a lawyer is more than just attacking revenge porn sites and being able to remove blogger accounts, it's about allowing our clients to regain control of their online reputations.  Our clients include individuals and businesses throughout the Greater New York City area.  We understand these cases can be devastating on a personal and professional level and we treat each case with the utmost attention.  When you have a New York City defamation case, you deserve caring and effective lawyers.  When you need a blog or online review removed, the lawyers at Daniel Szalkiewicz & Associates, P.C. can help!


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