Anonymous Email Accounts

What Are Anonymous Email Accounts?

Anonymous email accounts are fake email accounts created for the sole purpose of harassment.  These accounts are typically not a person’s day-to-day email account.  They can be created through Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL, or other websites, like Mailchimp.

People create anonymous email accounts to make blogs, write reviews, and post or disseminate revenge porn.  The person normally logs in once or twice and will never check the account again.  By using an anonymous email account, they think their true identity will never be revealed.

Are Anonymous Email Accounts Really Anonymous?

Every email provider is different.  For example, does not require any verification when creating an email account:

anonymous email accounts

However, this roadblock does not mean that our anonymous email accounts lawyers cannot identify the individual using other available options.  We file lawsuits against email providers in order to learn the true identity of the account holder so that we can sue them and obtain damages for you.

Often, individuals wishing to remain anonymous will go to great lengths in order to protect their identities.  It is common for such an individual to provide fake information and use public IP addresses by setting up and accessing the account at libraries, coffee shops, or bars and restaurants; this is not a dead end.  Our firm will go the extra mile to track the anonymous email account holder’s true identity, pursuing any lead we can find in the information provided to us.  In the past, we have used information from email providers to obtain security footage from coffee shops like Dunkin’ Donuts in order to view footage of the individual who created the anonymous email account and have also subpoenaed overseas companies in order to unmask anonymous email account holders.

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