Revenge Porn And The Tricky, Delicate Balance Between Freedom Of Speech And Freedom Of Privacy

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Sharing nude photos or videos online is a growing phenomenon. What is sometimes done with those intimate images and videos, like being sent beyond the intended recipient due to spite, is part of a horrifying trend known as revenge porn. Dr. Spring Chenoa Cooper, a 37-year-old public health professor at the City University of New […]

Internet Privacy Lawyer Daniel Szalkiewicz: Facebook and Tumblr’s Revenge Porn Policies Are Broken

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Breitbart Tech recently had the opportunity to speak to attorney Daniel Szalkiewicz, who specializes in defamation and Internet privacy cases, most notably those concerning revenge porn and sextortion. In March, Szalkiewicz made the news after accusing micro-blogging site Tumblr of ignoring removal requests for a revenge porn video featuring a seventeen-year-old girl. “The service providers turn around and say […]