Leg Injuries

New York Leg Injuries

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Common New York Leg Injuries

Leg injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents and premises liability cases. Leg injuries cause immense complications with walking, running, and standing.


Fractures during leg injuries are defined in two classes: the femoral fracture and the crus fracture. Fractures to the femoral occurs during upper leg injuries and fractures to the crus are lower leg injuries.

A femoral fracture is a bone fracture that involves the femur. This also includes hip fracture. Treatment often includes surgery.

A crus fracture is a fracutre of either the tibia or fibula (and sometimes both).
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Trauma to the leg can cause torn cartilage, such as a tear in the menisci. Additionally, a sprain or strain to the leg ligaments and muscles can be caused by a blow to the leg or a sudden twist of the leg. Symptoms often include severe pain, swelling and difficulty walking.

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If you have leg injuries to the muscles, you should treat with a doctor and physical therapist.

Leg injuries will often appear on an MRI or x-ray. Hospitals often take x-rays of leg injuries immediately after an accident or slip and fall.

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