Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Injuries

shoulder injuries

In recent years, 7,500,000 people suffered shoulder injuries. Many of these injuries occurred because of a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall.

Dislocated Shoulder Injuries

shoulder injuries 2
A dislocated shoulder injury happens when the upper arm bone pops out of the socket that’s part of the shoulder blade. Symptoms of a dislocated shoulder include swelling or discoloration, intense pain, numbness, weakness, and sometimes tingling.

Rotator Cuff Shoulder Injuries

The rotator cuff is one of the most important parts of the shoulder. It is made up of a muscles and tendons that hold the bones of the shoulder joint together. The rotator cuff muscles allow a person to lift their arm and reach overhead. When the rotator cuff is hurt, people suffer from severe loss of range of motion.

Fracture Shoulder Injuries

A clavicle fracture is a broken collarbone. The collarbone is located between the rib cage and the shoulder blade. The clavicle usually breaks where it attaches at the rib cage. Clavicle fractures occur because of a direct blow to the shoulder, such as during a fall or car collision. Symptoms often include intense pain, the inability to lift a person’s arm, and swelling.

If surgery is required, normally plates and screws are added to the shoulder injuries to ensure the bone properly heals.

A fracture of the scapula occurs when the shoulder blade breaks. Scapula fractures are rare, but occur in motor vehicle collisions or falls from a significant height. Scapula fractures are generally treated through nonsurgical means, such as wearing a brace or sling.

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