Criminal Liability

Criminal Liability

Criminal Liability for New York Victims

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New York victims are crime deserve to hold their assailants liable for criminal liability.  People can be affected in many different ways when they become a victim of crime. While certain emotions such as anger or fear are common, some victims don’t react in this way. Victims can feel normal, as if nothing happened, but then fall apart. Some victims may have physical symptoms such as lack of sleep or feeling ill. One thing for certain is you should hold the person reasonable for criminal liability.

New York Criminal Liability

In an assault and battery civil case, the person that harmed you can be held guilty of criminal liability and forced to pay you damages.

More so, under the special doctrine of respondeat superior, an employer can also be sued for criminal liability. An employer can be held vicariously liable for the torts committed by an employee acting within the scope of the employment. An act is considered to be within the scope of employment if it is performed while the employee is engaged generally in the business of his or her employer, or if his or her act may be reasonably said to be necessary or incidental to such employment.

However, an employer cannot be held vicariously liable for its employee’s criminal liability if the employee was acting solely for personal motives unrelated to the furtherance of the employer’s business at the time of the incident. Similarly, the employer is not vicariously liable where the employee’s criminal liability could not have been reasonably expected by the employer.

You can often find a bar owner responsible for criminal liability in a New York bar assault case.

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