Defamation Defense

New York Defamation Defense

Given our extensive knowledge of New York internet defamation law, we also make excellent advocates for people wrongfully accused and need a defamation defense.

We represent a wide range of clients in defamation cases, including several local politicians. Our cases can be seen in the Journal New and other newspapers. Our most recent Defamation Defense Article can be found here.

Our Defamation Defense Strategy

Our New York defamation defense strategy is to make sure we can get you out of the case as fast and cost-effective as possibly. We do this by ensuring that the Plaintiff has properly plead the complaint and done everything they were supposed to. For example, C.P.L.R § 3016(a) requires “In an action for libel or slander, the particular words complained of shall be set forth in the complaint, but their application to the plaintiff may be stated generally.”

If the Plaintiff does not follow these guidelines, a defendant can have the complaint dismissed.

Additionally, there are multiple “affirmative defenses” and “privileges” that can be asserted to dismiss a claim. Among these is absolute immunity and limited immunity, the nature of the figure involved (public verse private individual), and whether malice is alleged. It is also important to remember that truth is an absolute defense to liability.

New York Defamation is very specialized and you should trust an experienced defamation defense firm with your case.

Do not suffer in silence any longer; call our team today to discuss your options for pursuing justice and ensuring your rights are protected.  

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