Divorce and Separation

Understanding New York City Divorces


If you made the difficult decision to obtain a New York City divorce, we are here for you. New York City Divorce cases can be fairly simple if both spouses want to get divorced and they do not have any disagreements about their assets or children. If they have children together, the parents may already have a Family Court order(s) that decides who has custody and/or visitation and who pays child support. Also, if they do not have money, property, or debt to divide, it is possible to get divorced in less than a year without hiring an attorney. This is called an “uncontested” New York City divorce. However, a New York City divorce case can also be very complicated. This happens if both spouses disagree about financial issues and/or what happens with their children after the divorce is final. These cases take a much longer time. People call this kind of case a “contested” divorce, and here is where the attorneys at our firm can benefit you the most.

What is Separation?

A legal separation is when the spouses live separate lives but the marriage has not been legally terminated. In order for a legal separation to be recognized, both spouses must enter into a written separation agreement. The separation agreement contains provisions regarding property division, child and spousal support, and child custody and visitation rights. There may be benefits of choosing a legal separation over a divorce, such as the ability to file a joint tax return and the retention of medical benefits.

Our firm has years of experience in drafting separation agreements to meet your specific needs. We do not believe in the “boiler plate” practice of the law, and will make sure all your needs are included within the separation agreement.

Our goal is to handle each New York City divorce with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Our firm presents a unique team approach to divorce actions. We will provide you with a team of knowledgeable lawyers available provide you with advice and insight. On each of our cases, attorneys are always available for consultation and assistance. Each of our clients are provided with our personal cell phone numbers and we are available 24/7 to help you with all your needs. Contact Daniel Szalkiewicz & Associates, P.C. for personalized attention to your child custody matter.