LGBT Discrimination

New York LGBT Discrimination

New York LGBT Discrimination

lgbt-discrimination-300x300New York is one of the few states laws protecting people from LGBT discrimination. Sadly, there are no federal protections for LGBT civil rights. LGBT discrimination exists in many forms and is protected by the Human Rights Law.

Examples of New York LGBT Discrimination

The New York City Human Rights Commission cites three classic examples of LGBT discrimination:

  1. You’re a lesbian and locate an apartment you would like to rent.  The landlord’s broker calls to tell you the apartment has been rented to someone else.  You find out through a friend that the apartment is available and the broker continues to show it to prospective tenants.  If the landlord and/or the real estate broker made the decision not to rent the apartment to you based upon your sexual orientation, it would be unlawful.
  2. You’re straight and plan to have dinner with a number of friends, some of whom are gay, at a local restaurant. Although there are empty tables, the host refuses to seat your group, claiming the tables are reserved. After waiting for more than an hour, your group is still not seated and some of the tables remain empty.  If you were not seated based upon your actual or perceived sexual orientation, or the actual or perceived orientation of your friends, then the conduct was unlawful as it constitutes a denial of access to a place of public accommodation.
  3. You have been at your job for two years.  During this time, you have received a promotion and positive reviews.  One of the senior executives makes homophobic jokes during meetings that make you feel uncomfortable.  You decided to confront him and contact the Human resources Department.  after that, you start receiving negative reviews and are eventually fired.  The New York State Human Rights Law prohibits LGBT discrimination based on sexual orientation also forbids retaliation, either for filing an internal complaint with your employer or withe Human Rights Division.  If your employer discriminated against you and fired you in retaliation for reporting the situation, that should be unlawful.

If you have been a victim of any of these or similar situations, you should contact a lawyer.


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