Icy Sidewalk Falls

New York Icy Sidewalk Fall

New York Icy Sidewalk Falls Liability Lawyer

This winter has brought record low temperatures in New York City. Landlords have a duty to ensure their slide walk is cleared and in none slip condition, so that there are no New York icy sidewalk falls. The New York Daily News recently published an article in entitled “After snow, it’s slick, slippery weather for NYC before US temperatures plummet. The article discussed how meteorologist Lauren Nash of the National Weather Service blamed the slick sidewalks and streets on freezing rain that fell on an already frozen New York City: ‘The reason why it was so slippery is because the surface temperature was below freezing.’ Read the article here.

To prevent New York icy sidewalk falls, the New York legislator has determined that landlords are required to clear the snow when it forms into ridges or hummocks. Don’t let a landlord negligent their duty to keep the streets of New York safe.

New York icy sidewalk falls can lead to foot injuries, leg injuries, back injuries, head injuries, shoulder injuries, and knee injuries.
Each New York icy sidewalk fall situation is different, and it is vital to have your case evaluated to determine if all the elements of landlord liability is present. Having an experienced, knowledgeable, hardworking, and caring attorney from Daniel Szalkiewicz & Associates, P.C. handle your case will provide you with the best chance of receiving the large and fair settlement that you deserve. Our legal team will send investigators to the site to conduct examination into the circumstances involved to determine whether an owner failed to make clear the ice, question witnesses, and take statements. We immediately send claim letters to alert the insurance and require the potential defendants to preserve all relevant evidence.
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