Brooklyn Verdicts

Brooklyn Verdicts and Settlements

Brooklyn verdicts and settlements are found bellow. A verdict is a decision that happens when the jury rules on all the evidence. A settlement is when the attorneys and parties agree to a figure without letting the judge or jury decide. Sometimes you will see a high/low figure. This means the parties agree to a range that the victim will receive. For example, if the parties agree to a $75,000.00/$25,000.00 high low, the most the victim can receive is $75,000.00, even if the jury decides the injuries are worth more. Similarly, the least you can receive is $25,000.00, even if the jury finds the victim has no case. The verdict or settlement does not include fees and costs. Most Brooklyn personal injury attorneys take a third to 42% of the recovery, but our Brooklyn personal injury firm only takes a low 31.5% fee.

The most recent three settlements or verdicts are displayed. Click on the links to get all jury verdicts or settlements for each category.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Brooklyn Verdicts and Settlements

Car Accident: Brooklyn Verdicts

Brooklyn Car Accident Verdict: Tagaris v Neau Tagaris was a passenger in a taxi cab that was rear ended by another car. Tagaris sued the cab driver for driving too fast.  Read more

Pedestrian Accident: Brooklyn Verdicts

Sosa was a pedestrian crossing Avenue T and East 23rd in Brooklyn when she was struck by Lichy.  Sosa had a walk sign, and Lichy was attempting to make a left turn.  The accident knocked Sosa to the ground. At trial, Lichy contended that Sosa was wearing earbuds, eight to ten… Read more

Bicycle Accident: Brooklyn Verdicts

Car Accident: Brooklyn Settlements

Pedestrian Accident: Brooklyn Settlements

Brooklyn Pedestrian Accident Verdict: Josue v. Bennett Josue was walking on Pennsylvania Avenue when she was hit by a car. She sued the for damages in Brooklyn.  Read more

Bicycle Accident: Brooklyn Settlements

Premises Liability Brooklyn Verdicts and Settlements

Brooklyn Premises Liability Verdict: McAnuff v City of New York McAnuff was going to Halsey Middle School to vote when she tripped and fell on a buckled floor mat that was too large for the entryway. She claimed she did not notice the buckling because she entered… Read more

Criminal Liability Brooklyn Verdicts and Settlements

NYPD Violations Brooklyn Verdicts and Settlements

Subway and Bus Accident Brooklyn Settlements and Verdicts

Cataldo, a legally blind person, slipped and fell on a worn and chipped step at the Kings Highway Subway Station in Brooklyn.  The jury found Cataldo 30% at fault, and awarded Cataldo $150,000 for past pain and suffering, and $11,404.07 for past medical expenses Verdict Date:…

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