Staten Island Verdicts

Staten Island Verdicts and Settlements

Staten Island verdicts and settlements are found bellow. A verdict is a decision that happens when the jury rules on all the evidence. A settlement is when the attorneys and parties agree to a figure without letting the judge or jury decide. Sometimes you will see a high/low figure. This means the parties agree to a range that the victim will receive. For example, if the parties agree to a $75,000.00/$25,000.00 high low, the most the victim can receive is $75,000.00, even if the jury decides the injuries are worth more. Similarly, the least you can receive is $25,000.00, even if the jury finds the victim has no case. The verdict or settlement does not include fees and costs. Most Staten Island personal injury attorneys take a third to 42% of the recovery, but our Staten Island personal injury firm only takes a low 31.5% fee.

The most recent three settlements or verdicts are displayed. Click on the links to get all jury verdicts or settlements for each category.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Staten Island Verdicts and Settlements

Car Accident: Staten Island Verdicts

Staten Island car accident verdict: Toner v Carey: Toner was driving his car in Staten Island. When he approached an intersection, Carrey’s car collided with him, causing injuries. In Toner v Carey, a jury awarded Toner at trial a Staten Island car accident verdict. Toner v Carey Toner v Carey Date of Verdict: August 2011 Staten Island car accident… Read more

Staten Island car accident verdict: Bahos v Cortez: Bahos’s car was struck by a car driven by Cortez. The accident occurred in Brooklyn. The accident happened when Cortez was driving in the left lane and Galfano was driving next to him and attempted to change lanes negligently. The case did not settle and went to trial. In Bahos v Cortez, a jury awarded Bahos at… Read more

Staten Island car accident Verdict: Semo v Albarano: Semo was stopped at a red light in Staten Island when Albarano struck her car from behind. Semo sued, claiming Albarano failed to keep his vehicle under safe control. Semo filed a motion to say Albarano was 100% liable for the accident, and the Judge agreed. A trial proceeded on damages. In Semo v Albarano, a jury… Read more

Pedestrian Accident: Staten Island Verdicts

Staten Island pedestrian accident verdicts: Guy v. O’Brien: Guy was walking in the street on Union Avenue in Staten Island. O’Brien approached the intersection at the same time, and hit Guy with his car. Guy alleged that O’Brien failed to allow him to cross and negligently hit him. Guy also claimed that the owner of O’Brien’s car was wrong allowing O’Brien to drive. … Read more

Bicycle Accident: Staten Island Verdicts

Car Accident: Staten Island Settlements

Staten Island Car Accident Settlement Reyes v. Libster Reyes was a passenger in a car that was struck by a Mitsubishi being driven by Libster. The accident happened when Libster’s car made a left turn into the car where Reyes was in. Reyes claimed Libster failed to follow the New York Vehicle and Traffic law by going through a light and not yielding to the right of way…. Read more

Pedestrian Accident: Staten Island Settlements

Bicycle Accident: Staten Island Settlements

Staten Island Bicycle Accident Settlement: Lei v. Carrube: Lei was riding a bicycle in the street when she was struck by a car. Kaye and Grey represented the Defendants in the accident. Kaye and Gery are GEICO’s attorneys, which means the Defendants were insured by GIECO. A trial was held on liability, and the jury found both Lei and Carrube 50% at fault for the… Read more

Premises Liability Staten Island Verdicts and Settlements

Criminal Liability Staten Island Verdicts and Settlements

NYPD Violations Staten Island Verdicts and Settlements

Subway and Bus Accident Staten Island Settlements and Verdicts

Staten Island Bus Accident Verdict: Averack v. NYCTA: A New York City bus went through a red light and hit the car Averack was driving. Averack sued New York City Transit Authority and the bus driver. In his lawsuit, Averack alleged that the NYCTA was liable because they employed the driver. A trial was held on both liability and damages. The Staten Island jury found… Read more

Staten Island Bus Accident Verdict: Powar v. NYCTA: While Powar was driving on Staten Island, her car was hit by a bus. The bus was owned and controlled by the New York City Transit Authority. A notice of claim was filed because the NYCTA is a public agency. Powar sued the NYCTA for negligence. Powar can sue the NYCTA and not the driver because the employer is responsible… Read more

Staten Island Bus Accident Verdict: Bastian v. Ruiz: Bastian was riding the bus in Staten Island when the New York City Transit Authority Bus hit another car. Bastian was thrown forwarded and injured. Bastian sued the NYCTA for damages, claiming they were negligent in driving too fast, not stopping fast enough, and not looking both ways. The jury found for Bastian… Read more

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