Bus Accidents

New York City MTA Bus Accidents


New York City Bus Accidents

On an average weekday, 2,169,311 individuals ride a New York City bus. New York City has increased bus speeds by using “bus rapid transit,” a system of dedicated bus lanes and other improvements that give buses priority on the streets. Unfortunately faster buses mean increased bus accidents.

New York City Bus Accident Liability

To hold a bus company liable for a bus accident, a victim in New York needs to show when that when the bus came to a halt, the stop caused a jerk or lurch that was unusual
and violent.’ Proof that the stop was unusual or violent must consist of more than a mere characterization of the stop in those terms by the passenger.

New York Bus Accident Notice of Claim

If a person was involved in a bus accident with the New York City bus, they must file a notice of claim. Claims against the City of New York are filed through the Comptroller’s Office Bureau of Law & Adjustment. Under Section 50-e of the General Municipal Law, all tort claims against the City of New York should be in writing on the enclosed forms or in a similar format. The Notice of Claim must be Notarized and served Personally or by Certified Mail within ninety (90) days from the date of the occurrence. Claims can be filed online here.

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