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Staten Island car accident statistics

Staten Island consists of about 470,728 individuals. The entire island is 48 square miles, making it the the third largest borough in New York City.

Staten Island is connect to New Jersey by three bridges. The Outerbridge Crossing to goes to Perth Amboy, New Jersey and the Bayonne Bridge leads to Bayonne, New Jersey on the northern end of Route 440. From the New Jersey Turnpike, the Goethals Bridge connects to the Staten Island Expressway.

Staten island also connects to Brooklyn through the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Staten Island is the most auto-centric borough in New York City, with 81.6% of all households owning at least one car. This can lead to a high rate of Staten Island car accidents.

Courthouses in the Staten Island

Staten Island car accident cases are litigated in the Richmond County Supreme Court. This is there you file your lawsuits, argue motions, and try cases.

The Richmond County Courthouse is located at 18 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island, New York 10301.

Where to report your Staten Island car accident

If you are involved in a car accident call 911 immediately. The operators will transfer your call to the local police.

The New York City Policy Department has four precincts in Staten Island:

Recent Staten Island car accident settlements and jury verdicts

Below are several Staten Island car accident settlements:

      • ROMERO v. DIIORIO: Jury Verdict $35,000.00. Romero, an adult female motorist, allegedly suffered an avulsion fracture of her cervical spine when she was involved in a car accident with DiIorio. Romero claimed DiIorio was driving negligent within the scope of his employment. Romero proved DiIorio was negligent, but the jurors determined the plaintiff did not suffer an avulsion fracture of her cervical spine as a result of the accident. However, jurors decided Romero sustained a permanent limitation of a body organ and awarded Romeror $35,000
        for pain and suffering, including loss of enjoyment of life.
      • GATES v. CHRISTIAN: Jury Verdict$0.00, but $50,000.00 high/low agreement. Gates, an adult female, said she suffered a disc bulge at C3-C4, disc herniations at C4-C6, cervical and lumbar strain along with a nerve impingement when she was rear-ended. Gates contended the defendants drove negligently when they failed to keep a safe lookout, warn of their approach, and safely apply the brakes. At trial, the jury determined the plaintiff did not sustain serious injury and awarded $0.00. However, prior to trial, the parties entered into a high/low agreement of $200,000/ $50,000, so Gates received $50,000.00.

More recent Staten Island car accident settlements and jury verdicts can be found hereand New York City jury verdicts and settlements are available here.

We will also update our personal injury blog with cases of interest.

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