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We are New York website removal lawyers.  We take pride in being able to defend our client’s online reputation and ensure that false and malicious lies are not spread on the internet. While we focus on New York and New Jersey, we have clients from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and South America.

What We Do as Website Removal Lawyers

We understand the ins and outs of internet defamation and the importance to ensuring that your online reputation is protected.  We know every case is different but we fight to achieve the same result- removal of websites.  We often start with a cease and desist letter to the person responsible for the content.  If you are unaware of who is creating the websites, we use the legal system to unmask anonymous emailers and bloggers.

As discussed on our websites, most internet companies will not remove a website without a court order, so we file lawsuits on your behalf to obtain the order.

Companies We Have Dealt with as Website Removal Lawyers

As website removal lawyers, we have had success removing websites from the following internet companies, and more:

Every company is different, and each service provider handles removal request differently.  Our experience helps ensure that we remove the websites in the shortest time possible.

Our Results Speak For Themselves


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Website Removal Lawyers vs. Reputation Protection Firms

We are not a reputation protection firm.  We do not hide websites when possible.  Many SEO companies will put good, new, content online, without any recourse for removing the bad websites.  We believe in creating a total purge of negative and false websites online.  We obtain court orders to have the websites completely taken down.

Website removal lawyers


Once the website is removed, we are able to submit the links to have them completely deleted from the Google search results.

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