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Blogger Removal

New York Blogger removal is vital.

According to Ignitespot, over 6,700,000 people blog on blogging sites and 12,000,000 people blog via a social network.

While the sheer number of blogs in circulation is impressive, what is even more startling is that the leading blogging site in the United States and New York is Blogger.com, which has over 46,000,000 unique visitors each month.

Blogger.com has a policy that they will not remove defamatory content without a valid court order.

However, Blogger’s content policy prevents a blogger from harassing or bullying others. Blogger’s policy states “Hate speech, violent or crude content on Blogger: Blogger strongly believes in freedom of speech. We believe that having a variety of perspectives is an important part of what makes blogs such an exciting and diverse medium. With that said, there are certain types of content that are not allowed on Blogger… Please note that Blogger does not remove blogs for containing insults or negative commentary.”

Equally frustrating is when you try to contact Google directly to remove content using their Removing Content From Google website.

Great, right?  Unfortunately, New York blog removal is not that simple.  When you request that Google performs New York blog removal, you are informed “Blogger hosts third-party content. It is not a creator or mediator of that content. Given this fact, and pursuant to section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act, Google does not remove allegedly defamatory material from Blogger. We encourage you to resolve any disputes directly with the individual who posted the content.

If you cannot reach an agreement and choose to pursue legal action against the individual who posted the content, and that action results in a judicial determination that the material is illegal or should be removed, please send us the court order seeking removal. In cases where the the individual who posted the content is anonymous, we can provide you with user information pursuant to a valid third party subpoena or other appropriate legal process against Google Inc.”

Our New York Blog Removal Procedure

Our firm has created the process and case law for New York blog removal in New York State courts.  Our cases have been cited as precedent in numerous briefs and memorandum of law.

Most attorneys will waste your time and money in an effort to perform a New York Blogger removal, by sending cease and desist letters and thin threats to the blog owners. Our experience has shown most bloggers will not only disregard these letters, but will also publish the letters on their blogs as trophies, often leading to even more traffic to their websites.

Other attorneys will expend exorbitant amounts of time and your money suing Google; this is a huge mistake, as Google cannot be personally sued.  Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, commonly known as the CDA, protects a provider or user of an interactive computer service from being treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by another information content provider. What does this mean in your New York blog removal case? A plethora of Federal and New York case law has held Google immune from content other people post on their websites.

We know the best way to have a New York blog removal accomplished.  We will try to learn the identity of the user within the statute of limitations, but if we cannot, we will bring a lawsuit against the username, blogger account name, email address, or even internet protocol address.  Through the judicial process, if the blog is false and defamatory, we will obtain for you the court order needed to have the blog removed.


Can I Afford a New York Blogger Removal Attorney?

While the cost of litigation can be expensive, we try to work within each client’s budget.  New York blog removal is very important to us.  We have seen friends and colleagues damaged by false and defamatory blogs created by no fault of their own.  Our goal is to remove this heavy burden from your life in a cost-effective way.

If we do not think you can win, we will not take your New York blog removal case!

It is not our goal to “make a quick buck.”  We want each of our clients to be happy, so we will provide you with a fair and honest evaluation prior to taking a retainer.

Trust Us

Your Trusted New York Blogger Removal Attorneys

Our cases have been cited in the New York Post, New York Times, New York Law Journal, Refinery29, TMZ, and the Courthouse News Service.

In one of our recent cases, we were able to remove 48 different blogs from Blogger.com in less than one month.

We have removed countless blogs from Blogger and other websites.

Don’t trust reputation defender services that just create new blogs, while the leaving the false and defamatory blogs online.  We completely remove the defamatory blogs so that they will never appear again in a search result.

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