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How to Find Anonymous Bloggers

Anonymous Bloggers

Who Are Anonymous Bloggers?

Anonymous bloggers are considered the cornerstone of an Internet culture that promotes sharing and free speech.  However defamers, emboldened by the perceived protection of anonymity, often use blogs, review sites, and comments to broadcast their hateful and defamatory messages.  We use the law to unmask these defamers.

Anonymous Blogger's Identity

How Can I Learn the Identity of Anonymous Bloggers?

An anonymous blogger’s online identity can be tracked through several channels:

First, a user’s cookies provide relevant information. Cookies are small pieces of data sent from a website that then are stored on an individual’s computer after the individual visits the website. Unfortunately for most victims, a person is not able to access an anonymous poster’s cookies on their own.  In order to obtain the cookies, a victim must first have access to the anonymous poster’s computer.  This usually happens during the discovery stage of a lawsuit, when you already know who the anonymous poster is.

Second, an IP address, or internet protocol address, is the easiest and most common way to track an anonymous poster.  An IP address is a numerical label assigned to each device that is connected to the internet.  IP addresses are generally assigned by one’s internet service provider and are tracked by review sites, blog sites like blogger.com, and other websites.  However, these companies are not willing to voluntarily turn over the information necessary for you to identify the culprits.  As a result, you need an experienced New York internet defamation lawyer to help you pursue a judgment requiring the IP address be disclosed.

New York's Special Law

Anonymous Bloggers and C.P.L.R. 3102(c) to Help

The New York rules of practice provide “before an action is commenced, disclosure to aid in bringing an action, to preserve information or to aid in arbitration, may be obtained, but only by court order.” We use this to compel companies to provide us with anonymous posters’ IP addresses so that we may then learn your defamer’s true identity.

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