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Remove Defamatory Instagram Posts

Instagram, though designed as a photo sharing platform, has also become a hugely popular site for spreading defamatory content.  Perhaps due to Instagram’s 500 million daily active users, online harassers are flocking to the site in order to continue their defamatory tirades.

Free from the 140 character limit imposed by Twitter, online harassers on Instagram can dedicate a great deal of space – and even hashtags – to their defamation.  Unfortunately, much to the chagrin of aggrieved individuals, Instagram generally declines to get involved with disputes between users.  While difficult, with the assistance of an instagram lawyer, it is not impossible to remove defamatory Instagram comments, posts, or accounts.

Using Instagram’s Tools to Remove Defamatory Instagram Posts

Instagram provides a “built-in reporting option” for users to flag content that they feel violates Instagram’s Community Guidelines.

Unfortunately, like many other social networking sites, this method of reporting can often be futile as Instagram does not like to get involved in disputes between its users.  Further, Instagram’s extensive Help Center provides little to no guidance on reporting defamatory content.

This leaves victims of online defamation in the dark when it comes to figuring out how to remove defamatory Instagram posts and comments on their own.

Hiring an Instagram Lawyer to Remove Defamatory Posts

Daniel Szalkiewicz & Associates has initiated a number of cases against Instagram users based on the content they posted on Instagram.  Our experience in expeditiously pursuing cases against our clients’ online harassers makes hiring our firm an easy choice for victims of online defamation.  We are not afraid to sue Instagram users on your behalf for the harm that they are causing your personal life and business.

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