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Internet Privacy Lawyers

Internet Privacy

What is Internet Privacy Law?

As  Internet Privacy lawyers, we are often asked what is internet privacy?  Internet privacy is a broad term that means your right not to be harassed, unmasked, and have your data protected.


Anonymous Accounts

Internet Privacy and Anonymous Accounts

Just because you are entitled to internet privacy, does not mean that people have the right to harass our clients anonymously.  We work hard to unmask people who are using anonymous email accounts, creating anonymous websites and blogs, and putting pictures online anonymously.

Online Harassment

Internet Privacy and Online Harassment

Your privacy includes the right not to be harassed online. Individuals should not be able to access your telephone number, data, and address, and then engage in a pattern of conduct to cause emotional distress.  We always suggest our clients contact the authorities for help.  However, as New York internet privacy attorneys, we believe that the publication of many websites is a form of online harassment.  We have filed lawsuits against defendants who have put posts on She’s A Home Wrecker and other hate sites.

Revenge Porn

Internet Privacy and Revenge Porn

A person’s greatest invasion of privacy to have their intimate photographs videos shared across the world wide web.  A basic understanding of privacy is that revenge porn will not occur.  We fight hard to remove all images that were published without our client’s consent.  We also are able to file lawsuits using John Doe and Jane Doe so that you can remain private through the entire process.

We also help stop people from dating site abuse by sending cease and desist letters and starting lawsuits where needed.

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