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Remove Citysearch Reviews

Citysearch Review

What is a Citysearch Review?

Citysearch markets itself as helping individuals find local business in New York.  Unfortunately for hardworking business owners, not all reviewers leave fair and honest reviews.  Don’t let your business continue to suffer, contact us so we can help remove your negative Citysearch reviews.

Citysearch has been in existence since 1995.  According to recent studies, 60 percent of consumers consider ratings and reviews important when researching businesses, and nearly 70% of all consumers use the internet to read reviews before visiting an industry.  More significantly, more than 78% of consumers search reviews sites like Citysearch when deciding which business to select.  Our clients have all found it impossible to remove Citysearch reviews without the help of a lawyer.

Citysearch Reviews can Devastate Your Business

Just as a good Citysearch review can help your business, one bad Citysearch review can devastate it.  Citysearch reviews are available on itunes and Citysearch reviews appear on multiple other websites, including Yellowpages, BusinessfinderMojopages.com, and JudysBook.com. With such wide-reaching exposure, one bad review can devastate a business.

How We can Help Remove Citysearch Reviews?

Some individuals have tried to contact Citysearch to remove Citysearch reviews by “reputation defense,” or by attempting to push down the negative reviews by posting better reviews above them.  We cannot stress enough the importance of not paying companies to publish false positive reviews.  This is not only illegal in New York, but if you are caught, your company can be blacklisted forever.  I suggest reading this great article from Wikipedia concerning conflict of interest.

Some companies have even gone as far to change the name of their business to “Business Removed” on review sites.

We have had success suing writers of defamatory reviews in order to remove Citysearch reviews.  Unfortunately, not all bad reviews are defamatory.  If your negative review contains false statements presented as fact, it may be considered a defamatory review.  If this is the case, we can have the review removed.

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