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Tumblr Lawyer


About Tumblr

Tumblr. is a photo-sharing website with the majority of it’s content being unremarkable and inoffensive, however select users of the website have used the photo-sharing website to distribute non consensual nude photographs, or revenge porn. Daniel Szalkiewicz and Associates, forerunners in Internet Privacy litigation, have successfully removed or delisted pages from Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. and are prepared for success with Tumblr lawyer removal

Tumblr’s Removal Policy

Community Guidelines of Tumblr do not endorse the publication of non consensual pornography or child pornography and their Terms of Use limits the liabilities of Tumblr affiliates from damages relating to defamation, however, recourse may be available.

How Our Tumblr Lawyers Can Help You

Non-consensual pornography, or revenge pornography, can be defined as the sharing of a private image of an individual without the individual’s consent. Child pornography is defined as any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor. At Daniel Szalkiewicz and Associates we treat these situations with all the severity and privacy expected regarding such intimate circumstance. With privacy concerns in mind, our removal service usually consists of communications and petitions between Tumblr, the web hosting company, any individual owners, and any ISPs (Internet Service Providers) involved in order to determine the author and actualize the removal.

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